Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Handmade Fingerprint Necklace

I dreamt up this little idea myself (if there's a post on the internet sharing this idea already, I give my word that I never saw it) for Christmas actually. I made Zach a tie tack using this idea and then went a step further and had a necklace made for myself.

 This simple fingerprint necklace is the perfect keepsake and will make a great Mother's Day gift for moms or grandmas. It can also be adapted to make a great Father's Day gift as a tie tack or even a keychain.

I love the simplicity of this necklace, but also love that I get to carry my daughter's tiny fingerprint with me and that makes this necklace quite special.

Mother's day present tutorial

What You'll Need:

Card Stock in Color and Style of Choice
Pendant (you want one that has a deep enough setting to hold the transparent/square or circle that you choose to use)
Transparent "Stones"--circle or square--depending on the pendant you get
Transparent Jewelry Adhesive--I used E6000

Mother's day presents from kids


1. Begin by tracing a circle or square on your cardstock using the pendant or the "stone"

2. Cut your shape and test it to make sure it fits the pendant properly

3. Dip your child's fingerprint in ink and press firmly on card stock. Remove as cleanly as possibly to avoid smudging or excess ink.

4. After ink has dried, set the paper inside the pendant and coat with transparent adhesive

5. Press "stone" on top of the paper and hold firmly for 60 seconds. Your adhesive may be mostly dried at this time. If you're not comfortable, you can place something heavy on top or you can continue to hold firmly until it has dried.

6. Add your pendant to a chain or the back of a tack for a tie.

**Optional**I love the simplicity of this necklace, but it could be accessorized further with the addition of a gemstone or a letter charm for the first letter of the child's name. Each piece can be further personalized.

Handmade Mother's Day present

What is your favorite way to receive a personalized gift from children?

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