Monday, March 23, 2015

Make the Weekends Special--Tips for Stay at Home Moms

As a stay at home mom there can be times where it's hard to distinguish the days of the week. Every day is similar and the weekends are no longer what they used to be--late nights, late mornings, and relaxing around the house all day. But that doesn't mean that you can't find new things to look forward to during this new season of life. 

I look forward to weekends every bit as much as I did life before kids, it's just that now I have different reasons.  Here are some suggestions to help make the weekends special for you stay at home moms:

Tips for stay at home moms

Date Night
We choose one weekend night a week to set aside as date night. We usually stay in for date night, but we do something a little extra or out of the norm. (For some at home date night ideas see here.) This gives me a chance to look ahead to feeling pretty and doing something out of the ordinary.

You Time
I'm "on" all day every day during the week--even during JaiseAnn's naps (she naps on me and I work during those naps). I usually ask Zach to give me some time to myself--whether it's an extra hour to sleep in the morning, time to go for a run, or a bath in the middle of the day. I find that even that one hour each week really makes a big difference.

Sunday mornings are a morning "off" for me. I don't exercise, I usually eat an indulgent breakfast, and I spend a good few hours on the couch while JaiseAnn plays around me. I make breakfast and still do the "mom" thing, of course, but I don't run around trying to do a load of laundry, shower as soon as possible, or anything like that. Our church starts later in the day so I allow myself a late start on Sundays. Choosing a day to rest from some of your usual responsibilities allows you to really enjoy your weekends and look forward to time out of the norm.

What do you do to make your weekends stand out?

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