Saturday, October 1, 2016

September Update

September has come to an end. September is by far one of my favorite months of the year. It may actually be my very favorite, so I'm always sad to see it end. But it was a good month. A really good month. I celebrated my birthday and had a really good day. One of my favorite birthdays yet I might say--nothing too extraordinary, but just a really  good day and I feel like I'm really coming into my own in my thirties. I've decided that "coming of age" stories should really be for thirty-something women. Speaking of stories, I completed my media fast about 30% of the time. I did check in on a few blogs (but didn't take time to comment whichI felt bad about) and I checked a few family Instagram accounts occasionally, but other than that I steered clear and it was glorious. In fact, I am pretty much going to keep doing what I was already doing indefinitely. I don't need social media. 

I filled my "downtime" with more stimulating forms of media--mainly podcasts (I'm late to the podcast train but I HAVE ARRIVED!!!) and reading. I've read 8 books since mid August and am really loving that I have a little extra time to read right now--which is why I've probably been dragging my feet on some work projects/applications I could be doing.I do need to fill my downtime with more spiritually uplifting media as well. 

My theme for this month's goals is: progress is progress. I didn't accomplish all of my goals with 100% accuracy, I still did better and made steps to improving myself and making myself and my life what I want it to be.

*Complete a full month-long media fast

*Organize JaiseAnn's baby clothes into space bags  (While I feel a million times better that this project is done-I still have a few more clothes that need to be put away. I'll need a few more space bags and one more tote and I think then I'll be good for a while.)
*Consign my remaining clothes from my closet cleanout
*Waterbath can tomatoes from my garden (goal of 50 pts) (I canned 24 pints of tomoatoes. I had to buy 30 lbs of tomatoes to finish even that much. This helped me to realize that I may not ever reach my goal unless I double the size of my garden. But I'm glad I almost halfway reached it--and now I know how to waterbath can on my own--which is a skill I've been wanting to have for a while now. I also canned some peaches this month with my mom-so I learned a lot there, too.) 

*print one baby book
*update JaiseAnn's baby book
*Intentional time each day (even when we are out and about) to sit down and play together
*Structured counting and other learning activities every other week (I don't feel good enough about these two things on the end of this list to cross them off, but I definitely made progress and also was able to create a more functional schedule for us that is an answer to prayers and I have a goal of following through with in the next months.)

*Go on a date night out
*Play a card or board game together 2 nights (we only did this one night...which is sad for me. We love games. Hopefully we can really start to increase the number of nights we do this.)
*Family date night
*1 nice thing for Zach each week (3/4 of the month)
*Breakfast and lunches made for Zach every week day (I've been slacking on this-for various reasons--and Zach is in a really busy work situation right now and I feel like I need to be more supportive and one way to do that is to make sure that food is one less thing he has to think/worry about)

*Experiment with making natural sugar things/reduce refined sugar intake
*No eating after JaiseAnn goes to bed
*Go to bed early one night per week (1/2 of the time)
*Schedule and enjoy a massage

*Put up a new scripture to reflect on on the fridge
*Have FHE every week this month--just a five minute message (1/2 of the time)
*Scripture Study

*Set up and follow through with a meeting about academic writing
*Retake a test for my online profile site
*Cancel my domain for this blog and go back to a Blogspot account (not really necessary right now. My domain is active and paid through 2018. I think I'll stick around and blog for small purposes like these monthly check ins and such for a while and see where I go from there.) 

How did you do in September?

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