Monday, August 1, 2016

One Little Word: August Goals

My goals for August--to see how I did in July read here.

*Outline purchases/things for MAKING our home for Sept.-Nov.
*Organize JaiseAnn's baby clothes into space bags
*Get rid of my unused clothes and Zach's unused clothes-either thrift or consign
*Waterbath can tomatoes from my garden (goal of 50 pts)

* 2 play dates
*One new adventure/exploration

*Go on adate night-OUT! (Movies)
*Play a card or board game together one night
*Family fair date night

*No refined sugar treats
*No eating after JaiseAnn goes to bed
*Hit at least 10,000 steps at least 4 days per week --average 7,000 the rest of the days 
*Drink my warm lemon water (32 oz) every morning before eating breakfast (I usually drink it with breakfast)
*Go to bed early one night per week
*Schedule a massage (Zach got me a gift certificate for a massage LAST Mother's Day-2015-and I still haven't used it. I've been saving it until I'm done with school so I need to go set up an appointment!)

*Buy a conference edition of Ensign
*Study my conference talks for August
*Put up a new scripture to reflect on on the fridge
*Have FHE every week this month--just a five minute message

*Submit final approved version of thesis
*Complete portfolio
*Set up and follow through with a meeting about academic writing
*Complete my profile on an online site

What are some of your goals this month?

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