Monday, August 1, 2016

How July Went

How did I do in July toward my goals of MAKING my life what I want it to be? July was the antithesis of June--thank goodness. June was full of busyness and work and July was full of fun and play. We had company twice this month--which meant lots of sightseeing and visiting places and playing. It was so good! So let's see how I did on my things to do:

*Have a garage sale and/or get rid of a bunch of stuff in the garage I'm not sure if this was worth it-it was a full day outside in the heat and some work setting up and we didn't get rid of much. We did haul a whole lot to a second hand store, though, so--we're making small progress on organizing the garage. 
*Organize JaiseAnn's baby clothes into space bags This will hopefully get tackled next month. I know I sound like a broken record, but we are diligently paying down a debt right now and we are so close to meeting our goal that I have not spent an extra penny that didn't need to be spent. Hopefully sometime in August (or maybe September) this will happen. 

*Update JaiseAnn's 2nd year baby book and her memory book (I haven't entered a daily memory since the first of June, but I have plenty of documentation elsewhere that will help me update it. I just have to make the time). 
* 2 play dates
*One routine-free day
*Swimming Lessons
*Finish our summer reading program

*Do something fun and different for date night Zach's parents were in town and so we did a double day date to float the Boise River. We had a blast (it's one of my favorite outdoor activities) and made for a perfect day! 
*Go on an actual date night-OUT! I'm counting the above on that one, too. My mom watched JaiseAnn
*Play a card or board game together one night
*Do something thoughtful for Zach for a special occasion coming up I left Zach and JaiseAnn overnight for the first time ever this past week. I tried to do a little something special for him to thank him for watching JaiseAnn for me while I went to a work thing. He took a vacation day to watch her during the day and then had her at night as well. He is amazing and I just wanted to let him know that I knew that--and that I'd miss him-even just overnight. 

*No refined sugar treats
*No eating after JaiseAnn goes to bed
*Hit at least 10,000 steps at least 4 days per week --average 7,000 the rest of the days 
*Schedule a dentist appointment
*SUN I have a tan that rivals my college years to prove it. I'm loving summer with a toddler! 

*Study my conference talks for July
*Put up a new scripture to reflect on on the fridge

*Revise and submit final approved version of thesis (this will be done the first week of August--I need a signature and there was some trouble arranging for that)
*Submit a summarized version of my thesis as an article 
*Complete portfolio
*Finish online training I'm currently completing

What are some of your goals this month?

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