Monday, June 6, 2016

May Goals: How Did I Do?

May was in insanely busy month for us. It included me finalizing my thesis, taking a trip to visit family (and having the best time), and making a lot of plans for the upcoming weeks. I have outlined my goals below and noted whether or not I was able to accomplish them. 

One thing I did this month was write these goals here and not anywhere else-usually I make a hard copy, too. I need to make a hard copy for June to see if that helps improve my results. You can see that I didn't do too hot in May. 

*Buy curtain rods and hang curtains Wow, this is taking me forever. I've added it to my actual planner for June and hopefully it will happen. 
*JaiseAnn's room (pillows, blankets, letter "J," hang blessing dress) Ha, well--JaiseAnn has a makeshift blanket/pillow situation, but I have done nothing else. This will have to get addressed later
*Print off pictures from our trip to Seattle (before JaiseAnn was born) and Charleston (before we were married) to add to our gallery wall in the kitchen Well, one fourth of this got done. I printed our picture from Seattle-I cannot find Charleston. Hopefully I'll remember to revisit the Charleston one in a few months. 

*Buy bird food and hang bird feeder (make a second feeder) hang humminbird feeder, too
*Finish JaiseAnn's baby books This is becoming a joke. 
*Peppa Pig activity I don't feel bad about missing this one. We did plenty of crafty stuff in May. 
* 2 play dates

*Do something fun and different for date night I'm pretty sure we didn't go on an actual date out by ourselves in May and if we did it was to dinner. We didn't do anything original at home either
*Do something intentionally thoughtful for Zach each week Maybe? Although if I'm not sure, I probably didn't, right? I do know I at least accomplished this for one week. 
*Time with Zach each night
*Play a card or board game together one night Nope

*No refined sugar treats  Until Mother's Day I did great
*Eliminate nighttime snacking Nope
*Strength training 2 times per week (while getting in the habit) 
*Find a deal on a bike trailer for my Mother's day gift I have yet to use it, but I found a great deal and am really excited about it. 
*Reduce body checking behaviors to twice a week (I want to get this number to zero someday--sooner than later. I am embarrassed to admit this on my blog-I feel very vulnerable in sharing this goal, but for true mental/emotional health this is something that needs to be addressed more than any of the other goals I have for health.)  Even though I'm not sure on the number-I really did put a conscious effort forth this month and this month was a really hard one in terms of that. 

*Write a conference schedule 
*Share conference schedule on blog
*Activity Days and Nursery Mother's Day activities This was so much more stressful for me than it should have been so I am proud of this accomplishment.
*Put up a scripture to reflect on on the fridge

*Finish thesis 
*Set date for thesis defense (communicate date with office at college) 
*Finalize plans for next year (apply for one job)

I think it's pretty clear that my priorities were my career/education this month and while I think that's okay and it was necessary as I had some pretty intense deadlines, I'd like to see more balance next month. 

How did you do with your May goals or how are you doing with your New Year's Resolutions in general?

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