Monday, June 27, 2016

Endless Glow by Jenn--Spray Tan Review {Meridian, Boise, Nampa}

Something you may not know about me is that while I'm pretty "crunchy" in some ways, I'm not in others. In fact, there are some ways I'm far from that path and one of those ways is in tanning. While some crunchy folks actually support spending time in the sun, I'm not sure any of them  would support time spent in a tanning bed. That's precisely where I spent most of my twenties. I loved being tan, I loved the warmth, I loved all of it. It was like an addiction. Until Zach asked me to stop because he was concerned about my health.

Now my tan usually comes from time spent outside which is not always in my control now that I'm a mom. I certainly can't lay out on my back for x amount of minutes and then flip over for x amount of minutes anymore. I had never tried spray tanning. It just didn't seem like the right solution for me--especially since so many people I knew who'd done it were orange after the fact. 

A friend of mine contacted me about a spray tan business she runs out of her home. She's been flourishing in it which is so exciting to me. It's airbrush spray tanning and it looks so natural. I really wanted to have a healthy looking tan for my thesis defense in mid June and decided to see what her business was all about. I'm going to tell you a bit about the process below, but these pictures speak for themselves. 

The before picture was literally taken the day before at my brother's wedding--I was clearly spending a bit too much time indoors. I got my spray tan on a Saturday night and the after picture was taken after church on Sunday--less than 24 hours after my tan, but I had showered and gotten ready for the day. The next picture was us 4 days later in Washington D.C. on a family vacation (slash work trip for me). You can see that there was still a lot of color on my skin after 4 days--traveling, spending time in humidity, and showering each day. I'll get into a little more detail in a Q and A below and then direct you to Jenn's website and Instagram account, but to say that I was pleased was a drastic understatement. I looked at myself in the mirror the morning after my tan and I loved it so much. My body just looked and felt so good--I hadn't seen it that dark in ages. And it is true what they say--the best solution for cellulite is a tan. TRUTH!

So some questions I've gotten:

Where did she do it?
My tan tech, Jenn, has a small room dedicated to her airbrush tanning in her own home. It was very private and professional. For the actual tan, I stood in a tent while she airbrushed me and I felt very comfortable. 

Does it really look natural?
Yes, it really really does. I wouldn't have done this two days before defending my thesis if I hadn't a). seen it myself on Jenn and others she had done tans for and b). trusted Jenn. She is someone I've known for a while and I didn't think she'd do anything to make me feel silly or look bad--in fact, I knew she was dedicated to making me look and feel my best and that was the truth. When I came to my parents house for Sunday dinner the next day, my brother and his new wife thought that I had just gotten really dark from spending so much time outside at their wedding! HA! This is an airbrush tan and it is done so well. My tan tech had me stand and position myself in different ways to make sure I got every area of my body covered evenly. This is such a natural looking tan-I was very impressed and beyond pleased. 

How long did it last?
I didn't notice any real fading until 7 days after the tan. I didnt' exercise every day like I normally do because I was out of town. But we were in Washington D.C. and it was humid and we walked a lot so I still did sweat quite a bit. After 7 days it started to come off in sections and looked a bit spotty. It took about 10-11 days to disappear completely, though I'm sure if I had exfoliated I could have sped up the process. 

How much does it cost?
Prices can be found here, but there is a special discount for first time customers!

Do I have to get naked?
No, you don't have to get naked, but you could if I wanted. If you really must know--I did not get naked. I didn't feel it was necessary for the effect I wanted, but I'm not lying in telling you I would have felt totally comfortable being naked. Instead, I wore a bra and underwear and removed the straps when Jenn tanned my upper body. You can get dressed to your comfort level and I believe her when she says she's seen it all, but she's not looking--she's just trying to get the tan right. 

Now that you've gotten some answers, please give Jenn a visit and see what this is all about. I can't recommend this little service enough--it's definitely gone on my wish list for gifts from my family and I am definitely already planning my next airbrush tan!

Jenn lives in the Treasure Valley, but sells products to help you achieve a tan at home as well--and she sometimes travels with her tanning supplies--be sure to follow her on Instagram for the latest deals and details. 

Have you ever gotten a spray tan? What has your experience been like? What questions/apprehensions do you have?

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