Monday, May 2, 2016

One Little Word: May {Link Up}

Hello May! 

Today I'm linking up with Aubrey, Suzanna, and Ashley. I'm so excited to welcome May, but anxious, too. This month is very busy for me/us. We have plans with family at the end of the month and I am turning in my FINALIZED version of my thesis. This means that I still have to: analyze my data, write the final two chapters of my paper, and do all the formatting which is something I am TOTALLY dreading. I am entertaining the idea of paying someone to format for me. I need someone who knows how to format the navigation bar on Word and also knows how to work with adding tables, objects, figures, captions, --all while keeping everything else in place. If you are that person or you know someone--let me know. Zach thinks he can help me, but I still think I might need to get outside help. Anyway, with so much going on this month, I feel that some of these goals are unlikely to happen--others are just par for the course. We'll see. I'll be doing a lot of juggling, praying, and looking forward to June. I don't want to wish away May, though, so here are some goals to MAKE the most of it. 

You can see how I did on my April goals here

*Buy curtain rods and hang curtains 
*JaiseAnn's room (pillows, blankets, letter "J," hang blessing dress)
*Print off pictures from our trip to Seattle (before JaiseAnn was born) and Charleston (before we were married) to add to our gallery wall in the kitchen

*Buy bird food and hang bird feeder (make a second feeder) hang humminbird feeder, too
*Finish JaiseAnn's baby books 
*Peppa Pig activity
* 2 play dates

*Do something fun and different for date night
*Do something intentionally thoughtful for Zach each week
*Time with Zach each night
*Play a card or board game together one night

*No refined sugar treats
*Eliminate nighttime snacking
*Strength training 2 times per week (while getting in the habit) 
*Find a deal on a bike trailer for my Mother's day gift
*Reduce body checking behaviors to twice a week (I want to get this number to zero someday--sooner than later. I am embarrassed to admit this on my blog-I feel very vulnerable in sharing this goal, but for true mental/emotional health this is something that needs to be addressed more than any of the other goals I have for health.) 

*Write a conference schedule 
*Share conference schedule on blog
*Activity Days and Nursery Mother's Day activities
*Put up a scripture to reflect on on the fridge

*Finish thesis 
*Set date for thesis defense (communicate date with office at college) 
*Finalize plans for next year (apply for one job)

What are your goals for May? Link up and share with us! 

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