Friday, April 8, 2016

Moms, How Do Your Kids Play Outside?

JaiseAnn loves to play outside! Most kids do from what I understand, but I am so happy she likes it because nothing makes me happier (besides my family and the gospel of course) than sunshine!

Our backyard is boring--in every sense of the word. There's absolutely no landscaping (hoping to change that LITTLE by LITTLE) and there are no toys. JaiseAnn has a water table and a few balls to kick around. That's it.

It's a little too cold for water right now, so we do rice in the water table and she loves that, but I have rice EVERYWHERE! I've been wanting to get some things for the backyard for her. We have a park in our neighborhood and we live near a school so we can use that playground almost whenever. I have no problems going to a park, so until I can afford the swing set I really want (which is almost two of our fairly modest mortgage payments) I'm not really wanting a swing set.

I like the idea of a slide, but I have been looking for ones that have a wooden rather than plastic base. Really, though, I want you guys to tell me your secrets. What are some other outdoor toys that I should get--especially ones that are not too expensive? What do I not know about? What do your kids love?

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