Saturday, January 30, 2016

January Goal Check-In

Monday I'll be back here for the One Little Word Link-Up. I initially thought that I would just update on my accomplishments for the previous month in that post-along with new goals for the new month. I decided to break it up for two reasons:

*I tend to set a lot of goals which would make for a very long post

*If I post this prior to One Little Word--I can remind you to link up with us on Monday :) 

I did set a lot of goals this month and I only met a portion of them, but I feel good about it. So let's see how I did:

Here's how I did with January's goals 

-Something above the TV (I'll be sharing this in a post soon!) 
--Sub Goals: Clean fridge, oven, and pantry 


-Plan one fun thing every day to do with JaiseAnn--whether it be an outing or some inside activity. (This month kicked me in the butt--royally. It always  does. Did I have fun with JaiseAnn, yes. But it took me a while to get my stuff together. She doesn't mind, though, if we spend an afternoon playing bus stop, reading books, or going on a walk--so I don't feel too bad that we didn't have planned outings or crafts each day. I probably won't be setting a goal like that again, actually.) 
--Sub Goals: Throw JaiseAnn's 2nd birthday party (cry about that for a minute) and complete her two + baby books-print and order them. (This is absolutely on February's list and I will not let myself get away with not doing it. They are so close to being done. Zach and I have been both very busy studying and I just had to push this one back.) 

-Spend some time together every night--even if it's just fifteen minutes.
--Sub Goals: Date night every week-one of those to the temple. (Our date nights weren't spectactular this month, but we did spend time together--even if it was just to watch a show. We have a fun night planned tonight as a family and then we will pick up our game in February-it's the love month, it won't let me down.) 

Date Night
-I have a date night in mind that I want to do--it's an "at home" date night. I plan to post it before February once we've done it.

-Ponderize weekly. 
Sub Goals: Attend the temple and study one talk per week
(I have the same Ponderizing scripture on my fridge from the 2nd week in January-the one from the 1st week, though, didn't really get studied. I studied two talks this month, but not as in depth as I would have liked.)

-Finish (or come very close) to completing my thesis proposal and have my proposal date scheduled. (After this afternoon, I will submit my proposal. It's SO close to being ready. I do know, however, that I will be making substantial revisions once its reviewed by my professor and that is what gives me the most anxiety actually. The review and revisions from my committee. UGH!)
-Sub Goals: Look into other deadlines for thesis and put them (along with class dates, etc.) in my planner. (I need to do this this afternoon)


-Put budgeting apps on our phones and sit down and talk about our budget together  (It's hard to talk about our budget because it's kind of temporary, as my job will end in May. So what we really are trying to talk about is how we can change our budget so that we are able to fully support ourselves on Zach's income. We're incredibly close. In fact, so close that when we first started talking it, I started to tear up. I'm proud of us and so grateful for answers to prayers. When I first quit working Zach was working close to 60 hours a week and I was still working from home to pay the mortgage. He got a new job and a "raise" but he's a salaried employee so he lost the option of overtime pay--which made it basically a wash and maybe even less money in some ways. But between his additional raise this year, our discounts on health insurance due to healthy lifestyle choices, and changes to our budget that we've been making we are SO close. We are working on getting there as soon as possible. I still want to add a particular budgeting app on our phone. Our goal is to have us making it soleley on Zach's income and any income I can generate from home will go to paying down debt, covering unexpected expenses, potential travel, and Christmas and birthdays. I won't be making a whole lot, but the little I make right now is actually working for us really well. 
--Sub Goals: Apply for one job (from home) for next school year


-Get 70,000 steps in every week and drink enough water. (I probably got 70,000 steps 5 days this month which is the worst I've done in a year. My average steps were about 7,500 so that's not horrible, but not as good as it could have been. This will be another goal next month as well.) 
--Sub Goals: Set up doctor appointment for JaiseAnn and dentist appointments for our whole household. (I set up JaiseAnn's first dentist appointment and attempted to set my own, but I'm having a hard time finding a dentist that is open during the time that I am most likely able to find childcare--I'm sure this is a struggle for most moms. I will put this on the list for February as well-and I'll make Zach call his dentist.) 

How did you do this month on meeting any goals? I would love to hear! And don't forget to show up here Monday to see my new goals and to link up any progress or goal setting posts of your own! 

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