Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone

I'm just a beginning blogger--with a small following. When I get contacted to review a product, it really makes me excited. When Firmoo contacted me to review their eye wear I initially decided I would decline. I don't wear glasses and I have actually been against people who wear glasses for fashion. I don't really know why other than I thought it was silly to wear something to make it look like you had an impairment you didn't actually have.

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But I have set some private goals for myself recently (I'm working on a social experiment of sorts and I can't wait to share it with you..but be patient). So I readjusted my thinking and thought, "Here's a chance for you to step out of your comfort zone!" And so I decided that I would go ahead and review some "frames for fashion."

I hopped on the computer and immediately uploaded my picture onto the virtual try-on system. There are a lot of things when it comes to fashion and beauty that I'm clueless about--glasses are definitely one of them. I have no idea what would look good on me. I quickly uploaded my picture and started browsing through the selection--with all the frames set to my face.

I placed my order and was impressed with the customer service Firmoo offered me. I was likewise surprised with the quality of the glasses and the accessories that came with my order.

Most of all, I loved playing around with glasses for fashion and doing something out of my comfort zone. I don't love the look of myself in glasses just yet, but I did have fun sporting them around the house and in public.

I liked wearing them, they felt a little like a small costume for me. There are five places I want to wear my new lenses:

-Around the house when I'm having one of those days. When people who wear contacts are having one of those days, they put on their glasses and you just kind of know. Those of us without glasses don't have a secret accessory like that. I'm definitely going to put these on when JaiseAnn wakes up with all sorts of teething trouble and let the world know that I'm can't come out and play today.

-To the library or a coffee shop to do some work. I am going to note how I perform with glasses on--will I feel smarter? Will I feel as thought I'm perceived as smarter and therefore perform better? We shall see.

-On a date night. I'm thinking that this would be a super fun way to switch things up and make us laugh at the same time. Plus, the glasses bring out the makeup and details of your eyes and that's pretty romantic. (And Zach likes them on me, so there's that.)

-To professional meeting...I don't know if I'll have the guts to do this because it feels like I'm lying, but I might just have to see how it feels to pull out some glasses with colleagues. It will be kinda like the coffee shop experiment except with people I know...and everything will feel more intense.

-A Target Escape. These glasses don't really hide Sharlee all that well. I still look pretty much like me. Still, I'd like to see if they disguise me enough that I could roam the store one night without running into anyone.

Do you wear glasses? What are your thoughts on wearing glasses strictly for fashion?

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