Saturday, May 2, 2015

Pinterest Wins--April 2015

This month I gave a few new things a try and I am pleased with the outcome:

Pinterest reviews

Dinner: Sweet Thai Chicken Wings--Zach was a major fan of these and so was JaiseAnn. These are budget-friendly, super easy to throw together, and they taste good. I suggest giving them a shot! 

Breakfast:These Breakfast Oatmeal Brownies are pretty good. I don't feel horrible eating them or serving them to JaiseAnn and they are really delicious with a glass of milk. You'll want to try these out! 

Decor:This Tutorial for Showcasing Your Instagram Photos seemed easy enough. I found a frame at the thrift store and got to work the other day. This was a little addition to our living room that I love. (And hopefully it will encourage me to print my photos more often.)

Snack: This Honey Lime Fruit Salad is light and refreshing. We served it with breakfast during April's LDS Conference.

Budget: I'm doing some contract work right now and I'm really excited about it, but still trying to learn the ins and outs of the taxes associated with it. This article about what I can deduct and how as a freelancer has been really helpful. (I'm hoping to share more with you later!) 

Did you have any Pinterest wins this month? Share them with me, please! 

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