Thursday, April 2, 2015

Emergency Preparedness: Create a 72-Hour Kit for Your Baby/Toddler

72-Hour kits are an essential part of emergency preparedness. You want to make sure you have the essentials to take care of your family (and pets) if something were to happen or you were to need to leave in an emergency situation. 72-hour kits help sustain you for three days and are portable. The needs of babies/toddlers are different than those of other family members, so it's important to create a kit specifically for them. 

emergency kit for baby

As with our 72-Hour kit for our dog, we use a reusable grocery bag. It's large, fits everything, and is easy to transport. 


list of emergency clothes for kids
I'll be honest, I don't have clothing in my 72-hour kit. I'll survive for three days in the same clothes, but I do want to make sure that if we were to have to take off, JaiseAnn would extra clothing. In the instance she got dirty, sick, or just needed something warmer, I want her to be taken care of. I made sure to include some onesies so that she could wear those by themselves if it were too warm, pants, and a sweatshirt. It's a great idea to include a jacket as well. I don't see any harm in picking one up (from a second hand store) that's a bit big so that it will last a full year at least. 






Diapering Essentials

How many diapers for an emergency?

While we do cloth diaper JaiseAnn, I like to keep an emergency stash of diapers on hand in case we were to lose access to water or power. For her 72-Hour Kit:

One package of wipes

16 Diapers (Your child's diaper needs may differ based on the brand of diaper you use and the child's diapering habits--adjust your amounts accordingly)

Diaper Ointment/Cream 


emergency food storage for baby

If we were to have an emergency of some kind, I am grateful that I am still nursing. Even still, it's important to keep enough food on hand for baby. For her 72-Hour Kit:

A sippy cup (or bottle)

One canister of infant (or toddler) formula

Package of crackers, puffs, cereal, or biscuits

Dried fruit/veggies

(We have our own 72-hour kits for food with essentials like those found here or here. We've made an extra one for JaiseAnn as well in addition to these items)

Comfort and Entertainment

comfort baby items 72-hour kit

We received so many blankets as gifts when JaiseAnn was born that we have more than enough to stash a few in her 72-hour kit. The books and toys that we've included all came from the dollar store.


A few toys



Baby Tylenol 

Do you have a 72-hour kit for your baby or toddler? What would you include in your kit?

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