Thursday, April 9, 2015

Dollar Store At Home Date Night Ideas

Date night is a big priority for us, but it can be hard to keep things fun on a budget AND while staying home. I have actually found, however, that it's actually a lot easier to figure out fun things to do when  you DO limit yourself. When I limited myself to some dollar store date night ideas for Zach and I do do after JaiseAnn is in bed, the ideas came flooding in. I'm so excited to share this list with you today. I hope you'll find something fun for you and your spouse to try! 

creative date nights at home

Puzzles and Games

 You'll find a variety of different puzzles and games at the dollar store and they can make for a pretty entertaining date night. There are activity books with crossword puzzles, word searches, Suduko puzzles, and sometimes even mad libs. There are strange card games you've never heard of and different puzzles to put together. Choose a fun crossword puzzle, cuddle up, and start working on it together. The united effort, plus fun conversation that's sure to follow makes for a great date night. 

Battle of the Sexes

It's always fun to enjoy a little competition for date night. There are lots of fun and unique ways to be competitive with your spouse found at the dollar store. Choose some gambling stakes (a back rub, a favorite meal or dessert, your spouses chore done for him/her for a week, etc.) and get busy competing. Use bubble gum to have a bubble gum blowing contest, or play a getting to know you game and for every wrong answer--you must stick some bubble gum in your mouth. The dollar store also has liquid bubbles, jump ropes, balls that you could use to make up a number of games, and more. Just take a walk around the store looking for ways to be competitive with your spouse and you'll be amazed at what you conjure up. 

Be Kitchen Testers

My little brother and I used to busy ourselves during the days off of school playing kitchen testers. One of us would go into the kitchen and develop something to eat or drink (usually drink) using random ingredients and then the other person had to come and try it. We loved doing it even though the results were usually tragic. (Though our discovery that Nesquick tastes delicious on bread was a pleasant surprise!) 

The dollar store has plenty of items and you'd only need a few. Buy a boxed brownie or cookie mix and mix in some pre-made cookies or some candy you find in the candy section. Mix a specific soda with a juice you find. There are truly limitless possibilities.  You could take turns developing masterpieces and test them out on each other, or you could create the masterpieces together. It would be especially fun to dream up of some ideas before hand and then put them into action. 

The great thing about all of these suggestions is that they really do have so many variables you could repeat these dates and they'd still turn out differently. Using these general ideas as your guide, you can enjoy date nights at home on a budget without getting bored, for quite a while. 

Have you ever done any of these things with your spouse? What is your favorite date night at home? 

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