Thursday, March 12, 2015

Date Night: Couch Potato Proposals

Zach and I really enjoy watching shows together. It's relaxing and it makes for lots of inside jokes and occassionally some pretty good conversations. We typically try to avoid our shows as a "date night," though. We usually watch a few episodes throughout the week--and on date night we try to do something other than watching TV or playing card games (our other weeknight "go to.") 

We love that we can stay current on our shows now that we use Hulu and not just Netflix, but it has started to cause a bit of a problem. Now we rarely have anything to watch. Which means it's time to find some new material to add. 

Favorite television shows
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We were discussing this the other day and I decided that for date night this week, we would each pick 2 shows to present to the jury (us) and present a case for the show with some information about the plot and a few bullet points about why we would probably enjoy it. We are each going to veto one of the other's choices and then watch the remaining two pilot episodes and chose from there.

Yes, we're nerdy. But I am actually really looking forward to this date night. I think it will be fun and it will be neat to see what we each come up with. I need your help, though. Give me some ideas to present. I have a few, of course, but I really want to be thorough here. 

Some of our ALL-TIME favorite shows include:
*Burn Notice
*Lie to Me
*White Collar
 *And Zach might just cry if I don't say Castle because he has a man-crush on Nathan Fillion

We have several other shows on our list right now, but they are really inappropriate and unclean and we are definitely planning to phase them out. 

So help me out--What shows do you love and why?

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