Thursday, March 19, 2015

A 72 Hour Kit For Your Dog--Emergency Preparedness

Emergency preparedness became an overnight passion/obsession of mine the day I became a homeowner. The responsibility sat on my shoulders and I felt the weight. I felt the need to prepare for an emergency. As we've become more established in our home and our family has grown--we have more people to prepare for. I'm no where near as prepared as I would like to be, but we take a few steps at a time toward getting there. 

As my mom knows that being prepared is important to me, she has given us a few gifts over the past few years to aide us in our endeavors. She has given us one of those emergency food packs with months worth of meals and a long shelf life. Two Christmases ago, she gave us some 72 hour emergency kits for our dog and our baby (though JaiseAnn wasn't quite here yet). 

pet care

I love having these kits in our garage--ready for any type of emergency. They are portable and can be taken with us if we needed to leave. I think a lot of people might forget about their pets when it comes to emergency preparedness. 

Here is a super simple 3 day food storage/supply kit for your dog:

*Three days (maybe a little more) worth of food

*A gallon of water (we keep two gallons on hand)

*Dishes for food and water

*A few treats and a toy

*A carrying pack

Our kit is kept in a reusable grocery bag. It's sturdy enough (and large enough)  to hold everything, but is also easy to access and easy to carry or transport. 

How do you feel about emergency preparedness? Do you have supplies for your pets on hand?

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