Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Why I Save Gift Cards

I am a gift-card hoarder. Give me a gift card and I get super excited...not to go out and spend it but to stash it away. I save my gift cards like money savvy people save money. If you gift me  money, I am actually likely to save it, but less likely than a gift card.

hoarding gift cards

My mom actually stopped giving me gift cards because I didn't use them and she felt like she was not really giving me a gift. But here's the thing, gift cards give me peace of mind. It's silly really, but I've always saved them in case of an emergency. If you give me a gift card to Target and I need something from Target that I can currently afford, then I save the gift card and spend my own money. I save gift cards for use when I truly cannot afford extras.

I have a secure box that I save all of my gift cards in. We don't have disposable income right now, but I can tell you this: Zach and I can go OUT on nice dates (movies, dinner, dessert, bowling, mini golf and more) once a month for over a year because of our saved gift cards. When I wean JaiseAnn I can buy a few new bras. When I lose weight I can almost buy myself a brand new outfit to celebrate. I may not have extra money, but I've saved up the fun stuff.

Many people use gift cards and claim they are saving money..and maybe they are, but I wouldn't be able to use it the same. If I were to actually save the money I might have spent by using my gift card (which is unlikely in the first place--I'm a mediocre saver) then I wouldn't feel good about using it to go on decent dates or to buy a new bra. But when I have it in gift card form, I have no choice but to "spend" on the fun stuff, even when things are tight financially.

I love getting gift cards, even if I don't use them right away. They are set aside for a rainy day. Giving me a little peace of mind and some assurance that I can still have fun on a rainy day.

How do you use gift cards? Do you save them like me, or use them up immediately? Where is your favorite place to get a gift card?

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