Monday, January 5, 2015

My Marriage this Year

I'm so grateful for the chance to be co-hosting with Amberly at A Prioritized Marriage  along with Charlene and Rebecca this month. I felt that this opportunity to set a new goal for my marriage this month would fit perfectly with my new goals for the year.

My goals this year are all centered around less is more. I'm simplifying areas of my life to help a better version of myself surface. 

The hosts of the marriage and relationship goal link-up are all choosing their own words as a central focus for their marriage goals and building their goals around it each month. I decided to join them.

This year, I've chosen the word renew.

Renewal is more than simply putting energy into something and adding excitement, we first have to take a close look and examine how it became dull in the first place. What caused it to lose its shine?

I like to think of renewal as exfoliation--getting rid of the dead, dulling, and no longer purposeful  and making way for the more vibrant, glowing, and productive new stuff. A lot of the good stuff is just hidden behind the stuff we need to eliminate. I think by choosing to eliminate something, it will automatically help better things surface. I'm going to stop focusing on that bad stuff and spend this month in gratitude for the good things my husband does. I can't wait to liven things up this year and take you all along with me. 

For the month of January I will help renew my marriage by cutting complaints and adding gratitude. Any suggestions for the coming months?

What about you? Do any of your goals for the new year include your marriage? Share and link up below!

Marriage & Relationship Goals

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