Friday, September 12, 2014

Date Night Ideas at Home for New Parents

Navigating new parenthood is a constant journey. At times it can require almost all of your attention and energy. Making time for your spouse can be hard. Energy, time, and even funds can be hard to come by during this adjustment period. 

I've compiled a list of five of my favorite (so far) dates since becoming a new mom. All of these dates take minimal preparation, take place at home, and require minimal time (though, you can give it as much time as you are able). 

Right now we are in a strange situation where JaiseAnn won't take a bottle, so leaving her right now is really hard and doesn't happen much. It honestly won't happen much for quite a while most likely and so as we try new date nights at home, I'll compile another list and try to share it again.

 Breakfast in Bed
As new parents, there can always be more time spent in bed (take that any way you'd like). Cook up your favorite breakfast, add some orange juice, get into your pjs, and crawl into bed a little early.

Bucket List Night
 I loved the idea of a reverse bucket list so much, that I had Zach and I each spend a few minutes creating our own one evening. We then shared them with each other over dinner. We also created new bucket lists and shared them. Spending a whole evening discussing our accomplishments and blessings and looking ahead with dreams for the future was a wonderful way to relax. We had some great conversations and really went to bed that night with full hearts.

Christmas in July
Or whatever month it is. This was a favorite recent date. Pick your favorite Christmas movie, buy some gifts (or give coupons for service), and enjoy a holiday treat. I told Zach about our night a few days in advance. Our budget is tight so we set a limit and he had time to pick me up a gift. We exchanged gifts, and then watched Elf, while devouring hot chocolate floats.

Game Night
An oldie but goodie, these nights are perfect for new parents. It takes little energy, you get a chance to have fun and talk to your spouse, and it's always fun to wager when you're playing  a two person game. You can change this up a number of ways by adding video games or outdoor games as well. 
Do you have any favorite at home date nights? I'd love to hear about them!

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